Prepaid Payments

How to make an Prepaid Payment?

1. From the Smart-View IoT dashboard navigate to the Top Navigation Bar

2. Click Option 1 indicated in the Top Navigation Bar and from the dropdown list select "Billing Management"

3. From the Billing Management Platform navigate to the side navigation bar, Click on "Subscription" then "Account Top Up" to make your payment.

Note: Cost Calculations (Example)

Total Devices: 27
Your Monthly Cost Per Device: ZAR 23.99
Monthly Cost = (Total Devices * Monthly Cost Per Device )
Monthly Cost = (27 * 23.99)
Estimate Monthly Cost = ZAR 647.73
Estimate Cost = ZAR 647.73 - Discount (98.5%) (ZAR -638.0141)
Estimate Cost = ZAR 9.716 (Duration: 1 Month/s)

The Subscription Periods that the user can select are as follows:
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
By selecting either of the subscrion periods you are making an advanced payment.

Note: The Subscription Period amount is subject to change once the user adds more devices to the platform.

4. Select the Subscription Period Pop-Up then Click on any of the two payment methods ("PayPal" or "PayFast").

5. If you have a Token (Voucher), Click "ACTIVATE TOKEN" and enter ther Token/Voucher code and click "SUBMIT CODE".

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Smart-View IoT Advanced Payment

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Smart-View IoT Applying Token/Voucher

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