Expired Subscription Payment

How to make an Expired Subscription Payment?

1. Upon Login the user will be redirected to the Subscription payment dashboard.

PLEASE NOTE: Late Payment charges will apply (+ 5%)

With Recurring Billing Enabled save 30% off your Monthly Cost Per Device & have access to Real-Time Reporting feature.

Note: Cost Calculations (Example)

Total Devices: 27
Your Monthly Cost Per Device: ZAR 23.99 (+ 30% if Recurring Billing is Disabled)
Period Usage Cost = (ZAR 647.73) + 5% penalty charge
Estimate Cost = ZAR 647.73 - Discount (0.0%) (ZAR 0.0) + Penalty Charge (5%) (ZAR 32.39)
Estimate Cost = ZAR 680.12 (Duration: Since the Last Billing Date)

2. If you have a Token (Voucher), Click "ACTIVATE TOKEN" and enter ther Token/Voucher code and click "SUBMIT CODE".

3. Proceed to "PayFast" to complete the payment.

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Smart-View IoT Subscription Payment

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Smart-View IoT Applying Token/Voucher

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