Smart-View IoT Registration

Terms of Use
Electronic Communications

When a user Registers on the Smart-View IoT website or sends feedback to the Smart-View devices backend, the user consents to receiving communications from the Smart-View team electronically and agrees that all notices, disclosures and other communications sent by the Smart-View IoT satisfies any legal requirements, including but not limited to, the requirement that such communications are considered to be in writing with the same legal stature as a written document.

User Name and Password

The User undertakes to ensure that the username and password are neither easily accessible nor disclosed to any unauthorized person. Storing the username and password on a computer or network will be regarded as negligence.


Channel Partner This is an entity that has an agreement with SmartView Technology as one of its resellers. The channel Partner can perform the following:
Creates Company Organizations/Metering Farms
Creates Divisions/Metering Sections for each company
Creates User 1 for each Division/Metering Section
Adds devices for created Sub-Division/Service-Point.

Company This is an entity instance (Organization/Metering Farm) that can be created by the Channel Partner. When this instance is created the user assumes the Main Admin rights.

Main Admin (Manager) has the following rights to perform:
Create Sub-Division/Service-Point Admins and read only users
Manages all devices under Company Division/Metering Section assigned to them only
Assigns Sub-Division/Service-Point Admins
Create devices
Manages their sub-division/service-point admins and read-only users

Division/Metering Section (1 or 2) is the place, province or company branch for which the user would like to create a Sub-Division/Service-Point for.

Sub-Division/Service-Point Admin User (1 or 2) These users belong to a specific Sub-Division/Service-Point such as a certain region, they have limited functions within that respective Sub-Division/Service-Point.

Sub-Division/Service-Point Admins Manages devices in their section. Management such as device update.

Read-Only These users can only view device and users’ details without any user data configuration.


How to register a Smart-View IoT account?

1. Visit the Smart-View IoT address ( and Register your Smart-View IoT Account now.

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Registering a Smart-View IoT Platform Account

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