Recurring Subscription Payments

How to make an Recurring Subscription Payment?

1. From the Smart-View IoT dashboard navigate to the Top Navigation Bar

2. Click the dropdown button by the user profile on the Top Navigation Bar and from the dropdown options click "Billing Management"

3. From the Billing Management Platform navigate to the side navigation bar, Click on "Subscription" to make your payment.

From this Subscription Dashboard you will be able to see if Recurring Billing is Enabled or Not.

If Disabled, Enable Recurring Billing by Accepting the Term & Conditions and then making a payment to tokenize your Details for future payments..

Please Note: With Recurring Billing Enabled save 30% off your Monthly Cost Per Device & have access to the Real-Time Reporting feature.

Note: Cost Calculations (Example)

Total Devices: 27
Your Monthly Cost Per Device: ZAR 23.99 (+ 30% if Recurring Billing is Disabled)
Monthly Cost = (Total Devices * Monthly Cost Per Device )
Monthly Cost = (27 * 23.99)
Estimate Monthly Cost = ZAR 647.73
Estimate Cost = ZAR 647.73 - Discount (98.5%) (ZAR -638.0141)
Estimate Cost = ZAR 9.716 (Duration: 1 Month/s)

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