Adding Asset Track Devices

How to add Asset Track Devices to Platform?

1. From your Asset Tracking platform dashboard, navigate to the side panel(navigation bar).

2. Under Device Management click "Add Device" and wait for the input form to load.

3. Select the user to assign the device to.

4. Upon selecting the user to assign the device to. Groups to which the user belongs to will appear in the "Assign Organization" select input field.

5. If the user does not have any groups assigned to them. An option to add a group for the user will appear.

6. Enter the device ID and name accordingly and click "SEND" once the button appears to save the device.

If there is incorrect input data the "SEND" button will not appear.
The device ID will be a 6 digit Alphanumerical value.

Common mistakes:

Duplicate Device IDs.

Incorrect Device IDs.

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Adding Asset Track Device to IoT platform

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