Smart-View Support Center

How to Log Help Request Tickets?

1. From the Smart-View IoT dashboard navigate to the Top Navigation Bar

2. Click Option 1 indicated in the Top Navigation Bar and from the dropdown list select "Support Center"

Note: From the Support Center Platform dashboard, the user is provided with Issues for which they can submit a Help Request Ticket.

User Accounts: Having Issues with the accounts you have registered.
Devices: Issues with the device, or requiring support for a device.
Notification/Alerts: Unable to receive notifications or wishing to disable notifications and alerts.
Payments and Billing: Payment settings, and billing platform operations.
IoT Platform: Having Issues with the Smart-View IoT Platform.
Contact Us: Visit Smartview IoT Website.

4. From the Issues provided click on the Issue related to the Ticket/Problem you are having
e.g. The device is not reporting back any Data - Click Devices and report the case..

5. Once the case is reported, Its visible in the Help Requests table below. When the status reflects Pending, Click "View Chat History"

6. Review The Smart-View Support Team response from the timeline chat and reply back if you still have issues with the ticket.

Note: Once the ticket's status reflects Closed, Log a new Support Ticket.

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