Adding Users

How to add a user?

1. From your platform dashboard, navigate to the side controller(navigation bar).

2. Under The User Tab, click "Add User" and wait for the input form to load.

3. Enter the email, and password for the user and click "SEND" to add the user.

Email: The Admin user’s email address.
Password: User’s unique password.
Verify Password: This is to verify if the user’s password is in fact the same as the one entered above.

Division/Metering Section Admin (Manager)

Permission Level:
Division/Metering Section Admin (Admin): The user has the following privilleges:
Create Sub-Divisions/Service-Points
Create Sub-Division/Service-Point Admins and read only users
Manages all devices under Company only
Assigns Sub-Division/Service-Point Admins
Create devices
Manages their Sub-Division/Service-Point Admins and read-only users.

Sub-Division/Service-Point Admin (Administrator)

Permission Level:
Sub-Division/Service-Point Admin: The user has the following privilleges:
Create devices in their Sub-Division/Service-Point
Device updates.
Read-Only: The user has the following privilleges:
Only view device and users’ details without any user data configuration.

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