Adding Water Tariffs

How to add a Water Tariff?

1. From your platform dashboard, navigate to the side controller(navigation bar).

2. Under Tariff Management Tab, click "Add Tariff" and wait for the input form to load.

3. Enter the Tariff Name, then select the Water Tariff as the Tariff Type and enter the Rate (ZAR) and Usage Limit (Litres).

4. Click "Add Tariff" then click "Save & Close".

Note: The Tariffs are assigned to a Billing Section (refer to Adding Billing Sections).

Note: When adding Water & Sanitation tariffs, Please refer to the illustration below which documents to the most commonly-used water and sanitation tariffs (Please use the 2019/20 rates).

Note: You can add additional Tariff Rates on a Tariff, e.g Water Tariff or Sanitation (Sewage) Tariff can have the 4 rates as depicted above.

* Sanitation charged to a maximum of 35kl
Domestic Full = Stand-alone houses
Domestic Cluster = Flats, sectional title units, cluster developments and gated villages.

Note: When adding Water tariffs, Please refer visit for tariff rates.
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