Adding Metering Sections

How to add Metering Sections?

1. From your platform dashboard, navigate to the side panel(navigation bar).

2. Under Utilities Management click "Add Metering Section" and wait for the page to load.

3. Enter the Section Name, Link the Section to a Tariff by selecting the Tariff from the added Tariffs then enter Usage Limit (refer to Adding Tariffs).

4. Link the Section to a Sewage Tariff by selecting the Sewage Tariff from the added Sewage Tariffs then enter Sewage Usage Percentage (refer to Adding Tariffs).

5. Select the Monthly Billing Day, and click "ADD SECTION" to save the Section.

Section Name: Add a section name. e.g. Logistic Department and HR Department.

How to link a Group to A Section?

1. Navigate to the side panel(navigation bar), Under Utilities Management, click "Metering Section, Click on the respective Section's name in the "Section Name" column you wish to link to a Group.

2. Click "Link Group" for the Group you wish to link.
For multiple Group Links, tick the groups then click "Link Selected" for the group/s that you want linked to the Section, then click "CLOSE".

How to set a Main Meter for a Section?

1. From the list of devices assigned to the group linked to the Section, Click "MARK AS MAIN METER" for the device that you wish.

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Adding Sections to IoT platform

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Linking Groups to a Sections

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Assigning Section Main Meter

Update Device/Group
Delete Metering Sections