User Payment Activation

How to activate payment for Smart-View IoT sub users?

1. From the Smart-View IoT dashboard navigate to the Top Navigation Bar

2. Click Option 1 indicated in the Top Navigation Bar and from the dropdown list select "Billing Management"

3. From the Billing Management Platform navigate to the side navigation bar, Click on "Billing Accounts" then "View Accounts" to activate payments on Sub Accounts of the Channel Partner

4. From the list of users registered under the Channel Partner accoun, Click "Billing Settings" to activate Payment for that user.

Note: The Users profile must be setup (refer to How to setup my Smart-View Account Profile?) for the Payment to be activated for the user.

5. Enable Billing for the account and a form will appear requesting A Billing Method to be set for the account.

* Default Billing:
0 - 100 devices: ZAR 23.99 per device.
101 - 200 devices: ZAR 22.19 per device.
201 - 400 devices: ZAR 20.53 per device.
401 - 600 devices: ZAR 18.99 per device.
601 - 750 devices: ZAR 17.66 per device.
751 - 900 devices: ZAR 15.81 per device.
901 - 1000 devices: ZAR 13.12 per device.
1001 - 999999 devices: ZAR 10.76 per device.

* Per Number of Devices/Per Month: This is the users own pricing per number of device.

* Month to Month/Flatfee: This is the pricing set by the Channel Partner to be paid per month for using the devices.

6. Enter the price in the field thats provided when you select "Per Number of Devices/Per Month" or "Month to Month/Flatfee" as your Billing Method.

7. Apply Discount or Extra charges if there is a need.

8. Enter the percentage of the Discount or Extra charge.

Note: The data is updated/saved as the user makes the changes.

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Activate Smart-View IoT Account Payments on Sub Users

Activate Payments
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