Adding Smart Sensor Devices

How to add Smart Sensor Devices to Platform?

1. From your Smart Sensor platform dashboard, navigate to the side controller(navigation bar).

2. Under the Devices Tab click "Add Device" and wait for the input form to load.

3. Select the Organization, Division & Sub-Division to assign the device to then click "NEXT".

• Organization: e.g. Company or Department created to by the Channel Partner
(refer to SMARTVIEW GROUPING HIERARCHY) to manage Divisions & Sub-Divisions within it.
• Division: e.g. Region created by the Channel Partner
(refer to SMARTVIEW GROUPING HIERARCHY) to manage Sub-Divisions
• Sub-Division: e.g. Sub-Region created by either Channel Partner or Manager
(refer to SMARTVIEW GROUPING HIERARCHY) to manage devices assigned to it.
(This is where your devices will be located)

4. Select the Device Manufacturer
Device Manufacturer: The device manufacturer (VisioSoft or SENSECOM) to which the device belongs to
Upon selecting a Device Manufacturer, device types for the specified Device Manufacturer will be loaded.

There are eight device types for the VisioSoft device Manufacturer
4-20mA Temperature Sensor
4-20mA Humidity Sensor
4-20mA Pressure Sensor
4-20mA Other
Level Sensor

There is one device type for the SENSECOM device Manufacturer

5. Enter the device data required for the specific device type selected.

6. Enter the Device Name and the Device ID accordingly.

7. Click "ADD DEVICE" once the button appears to save the device.

Duplicate Device IDs.

Incorrect Device IDs.

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Adding a Smart Sensor Device

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