Adding Reports

How to add Reports?

1. From your platform dashboard, navigate to the side panel(navigation bar).

2. Under Reports Management click "Add Report" and wait for the page to load.

3. You will be met by a pop up requesting you enter The Report Name and Assign a user to it, then click "ADD REPORT".

4. Once the Report is saved, you will be prompted to enter the Sub-Report Name, Enter the Sub-Report name.

5. Click "ADD SUB-REPORT" to add a new sub-report to the Report e.g. Sub-Report (Unit 123, Kitchen Meter, etc..).

PLEASE NOTE: This is PREMIUM FEATURE, you will need a minimum of 250 Report Credits to use the feature. You will be charged R25 per device monthly for the devices linked to the report., refer to Purchase Report Credits.

How to link devices to a report?

1. Once you have completed adding the Report and its Sub-Reports navigate to the Sub-Reports table located in the Report you saved them under.

2. From the list of sub-reports you have added, click on the sub-report you wish to link devices to e.g. (Sub-Report is Kitchen, then link the device/s in the kitchen to the sub-report), Click "LINK DEVICES" from within the sub-report you selected and choose the devices from the list provided in the pop up.

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Adding Reports to IoT platform

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Linking Devices to a Report

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